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Our team of talented and experienced medical professionals combines advances in medical technology and our expertise to give you your authentic appearance. We strive to provide a variety of services that will boost your self-confidence and leave you feeling your best. 

Our Vision

Bleu Mirage Aesthetics strives to provide people with the resources and knowledge to maintain the appearance they desire. We strive to grant everyone the opportunity to feel empowered and beautiful. Using safe and healthy treatments, each client achieves their desired appearance.

Bleu Mirage Aesthetics’ goal is to empower people to feel confident in their physical and psychological self of their concept of beauty. We believe that having confidence in your inner and outer beauty is crucial to happiness. We provide aesthetics to empower our clients so they can be confident and pleased with their appearance. 

Enhancement Expertise

Our experienced team set the highest standards in medical aesthetics and aim to meet our client’s expectations. We will conduct a thorough consultation, explain your options, and make suggestions to make sure that you are comfortable with your enhancement plan.

Specialists Who Care

We believe that everyone is naturally beautiful and unique, but we also understand that most people have insecurities that can hold them back in their lives. Our purpose is to enhance one’s natural beauty and to bring back the confidence that you need and deserve.  

Bleu Mirage Aesthetics

Founded in 2019 by Dr. Lorraine Stephenson, Bleu Mirage Aesthetics strives to empower people through safe, healthy, FDA approved treatments. Dr. Stephenson has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare business. She has worked in Pain Management, Addiction Medicine, Orthopedic and Neurosurgery for over 10 years before entering into the specialist field of medical aesthetics.

In 2019, she opened her own practice. Bleu Mirage Aesthetics, Inc. is known as a trusted and safe environment to help people look and feel empowered using medical aesthetics.

At Bleu Mirage Aesthetics, the needs of our clients stand as top priority. Each treatment is customized to the need of our clients.

The expertise of our staff creates a safe and clean environment for all clients. The professionalism practiced at Bleu Mirage Aesthetics ensures that the best care is being rendered.

Dr. Lorraine Stephenson, DNP, ANP-BC
Founder, CEO
Lord M Valle Ocasio
Practice Manager / Certified Clinical Medical Assistant
Lord M Valle Ocasio
Lord M Valle Ocasio

Lord M Valle Ocasio is employed at Bleu Mirage Aesthetics Inc., in the capacity of the company’s Practice Manager.

Lord joined our team in 2022, and thus far has been very instrumental in helping to steer Bleu Mirage Aesthetics Inc in the right direction, as the company strives to amplify its goal of improving customer satisfaction in every way possible.

Lord continues to demonstrate that she understands and supports the company’s ongoing in-house campaign, of placing greater emphasis on ensuring that all aspects of the needs/concerns expressed by our clients are being met.

Lord has been employed in the medical field for over ten (10) years. She attended the American Institute, where she received her Medical Assistant Certification. She has also worked as a Medical Assistant Instructor, and previously worked at the Prevention Clinic and Jejula Medspa before taking on her role as our Practice Manager.

Lord is on board with Bleu Mirage Aesthetics’ mission, which is to empower women and men to feel beautiful psychologically and physically without changing their authentic self.

She strives to ensure that all clients who engage the services of Bleu Mirage Aesthetics Inc., receive the prompt attention, quality service, and fulfilling results they truly desire and deserve.

Lord is a mother of six (6) children, and understands the challenges of parenting, i.e, motherhood and working. She has brought her parenting skills into the practice where she nurtures and supports the staff she oversees. She is a Team Player as well as our cheerleader.

Courtni Cunningham

Courtni Cunningham, a seasoned professional with over 7 years of customer service experience and a decade-long tenure in social media management and marketing, is our new Virtual Assistant and Social Media Manager/Marketing Personnel.

In her role as a Virtual Assistant, Courtni applies her extensive customer service background to streamline administrative processes, ensuring operational efficiency and allowing the team to concentrate on strategic objectives.

With a decade of experience in social media management and marketing, Courtni has honed her skills in crafting compelling narratives and executing successful digital campaigns. Her creative acumen, combined with a strategic mindset, allows her to navigate the dynamic landscape of social media platforms adeptly. Courtni excels in curating engaging content and implementing data-driven marketing strategies to enhance brand visibility and drive growth.

Courtni Cunningham’s impressive background in both customer service and social media management positions her as a valuable asset to our team. Her commitment to excellence, coupled with her purpose-driven expertise, ensures that our company remains at the forefront of the digital sphere. We look forward to leveraging Courtni’s skills to further elevate our virtual presence and reinforce our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to our audience.

Courtni Cunningham
Virtual Assistant
Social Media Manager
Marketing Specialist
Katherine Calvo Duran

Katherine is Bleu Mirage Aesthetics, Inc permanent makeup artist and Fibroblast technician.

Her career began in 2019, after giving birth to her second child. During this time, she realized that women especially mothers have limited time to engage in self-care due to the time required to care for their children. She wanted to change this for other mothers like herself.

Katherine lost her mother at an early age and understands the importance of building memories with your children especially when they are young. She understands that our lives are not promised but determined by a higher power. Losing her mother and having children of her own, she wanted to secure caring for her children. But also, realized the importance of self-care and finding time to look and feel beautiful from the inside and out.

In 2020, Katherine became certified as a Brow Artist, Nano Brow technician and microblading. She is one of few Nano Brows technicians in New Jersey. In addition, she is certified on color correction which allows revitalization to an old brows tattoo.

In 2022, Katherine was trained in Ombre Brows. She has mastered her technique which allows clients to have more options to enhance their brows.

Katherine is also trained in Fibroblast -Skin Tightening to help treat some of the concerns of mature skin such as fine wrinkles and loss of elastin/collagen. When needed these clients are then further referred to Dr. Stephenson for medical aesthetics treatments such as Chemical Peels, SkinPen, Dermal Fillers, PDO threads or Neurotoxins to correct aging and damaged skin concerns.

Katherine Calvo Duran
Permanent Makeup Artist
Fibroblast Technician
Katherine Calvo Duran
Our Staff