Bleu Mirage Aesthetics 

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Dr. Lorraine Stephenson, DNP 

Founder, CEO 


Founded in 2019 by Dr. Lorraine Stephenson, Bleu Mirage Aesthetics strives to empower people through safe, FDA approved, and healthy treatments. Dr. Stephenson has several years of experience in the aesthetics practice. Bleu Mirage Aesthetics is a trusted and safe environment to help you look and feel empowered.

Dr. Stephenson has now put together a company to achieve her goal of empowering clients using aesthetics. 

At Bleu Mirage Aesthetics, the needs of our clients stand as the top priority.  Each treatment is custom to the client's need. Schedule a consultation in order to find out what service would benefit your specific needs and wants.  


The expertise of our staff creates a safe and healthy environment for the all clients. The professionalism practiced at Bleu Mirage Aesthetics ensures that the best care is being administered. 


Bleu Mirage Aesthetics strives to provide people with the resources and knowledge to maintain the appearance they desire. We strive to grant everyone the opportunity to feel empowered and beautiful. Using safe and healthy treatments, each client achieves their desired appearance.


Bleu Mirage Aesthetics' goal is to empower people to feel confident in their physical and psychological self of their concept of beauty. We believe that having confidence in your inner and outer beauty is crucial to happiness. We provide aesthetics to empower our clients so they can be confident and pleased with their appearance.